Sunday, February 17, 2013

GF DF Challah, Take 2

The last challah recipe I tried was high in protein, but very dense. By the second day I felt like I was biting into chewy hard tack.

The recipe I tried today is from Gluten Free Canteen.

While the last recipe had all sorts of ingredients, this one seemed a lot less complicated. It's true that it didn't take long to put everything together and mix it, but it took 4 hours to get the dough to rise properly. I had to cover it with parchment and let it sit in the oven for two hours over a pan of water, then take it out, punch it down, mix it again, scoop it into a baking pan, then let it sit for another two hours. The mottled texture on the top is from the parchment paper sticking to the dough after the second rising.

The four hour wait was definitely worth it. The finished product was light and fluffy, if a bit dry.  Butter helps. This one definitely tasted more like a bread--almost like a sweet sourdough challah, if that makes any sense. 

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