Monday, January 2, 2012

French Toast and food prep on a snowy day

Today's the last day of winter break for me. I know the next few days are going to be hectic and crazy and the last thing I'm going to feel like doing when I come home will be cooking. I'll likely be so exhausted that the most I'll be able to do is grunt a hello at Eric and tell him to heat something up in the microwave.

So I'm prepared. Yesterday and today I've been chopping, slicking, baking and cooking like crazy so that I don't have to worry about anything at all. Friday's my birthday, so there won't be any cooking that day, unless it involves chocolate.

The supplies in my fridge are packed up and ready to heat and serve: french toast for tomorrow's breakfast, beef stew for lunch, shepherd's pie for dinner. Tuesday we'll probably have shepherd's pie for lunch and beef stew for dinner, just to mix things up a bit. We get bored easily. I've also baked some yummy pumpkin cranberry muffins for mid-day snacks, chopped up fruit for smoothies, and prepared the sauce and chopped everything for the lettuce cups with stir-fried chicken that I'm hoping to be feeling well enough to make on Wednesday. On Thursday, if there are no more leftovers, I'll make black bean pumpkin soup with the pre-browned turkey that I popped in the freezer. All I'll have to do is open a couple of cans and stir everything together.

I'd also planned to have bread for breakfast in my bread machine, but we pretty much ate the entire loaf before it even had time to cool down. There's something about freshly-baked bread still warm that is irresistible. This is why I don't bake it that often. I'll just eat it. Even Eric, who claims to hate carbs, can't resist its charms.

This morning I found the thick heel of leftover bread staring at me, telling me that what it really wanted was to become french toast. So I obliged it, and ate the bits that fell apart (with gluten-free breads, smaller is definitely better) and watched the snow accumulate on our deck. Comfort food is even better when you know you can just curl up with a good book and not worry about anything. Tomorrow I'll venture out in the snow and go to work, but not today, not today.

Bob's Red Mill GF bread right out of the bread machine.

Beef stew with carrots, flavored with a tasty sachet from Meagan.
Shepherd's pie (turkey, peppers, celery and smashed garlic potatoes)

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