Thursday, December 29, 2011

The husband cooks lunch

Eric is upset because I told all of our facebook friends that he couldn't cook. I apologize and would like to clarify: Eric can cook some things quite well, but these are limited to eggs (poached, sunny-side up, scrambled, you name it), bacon, and mashed potatoes (done with a ricer). He is also good at making home fried potatoes. Honestly, when we have people over for breakfast, he's the one who does all the cooking. Stuart makes special requests for Eric's perfectly-cooked slices of bacon.

And don't get me wrong, he's tried. There have been days when I come home exhausted and grumpy and he's whipped up something entirely edible. It was easier when I could eat cheese, because everything tastes better with cheese. But the fact is that he just doesn't like cooking, or even see the point in cooking other than to put something in his stomach. If he were offered a pill that would offer all the nutritional value and fullness of a meal, he would take it. Cooking, to him, is just something that takes up his valuable time when he could be doing something more important. He has this in common with my father. I'm sure their eating habits would be even more similar if Eric didn't have me around to cook for him.

So today he insisted on making lunch. I couldn't refuse, given that his facebook reputation was on the line. Once I couldn't help myself and offered him a tiny bit of advice, but he snapped that he was going to do this all himself and so I kept myself busy by taking pictures of the food.

I was quite proud of him, actually. I realized that he has learned a thing or two about cooking since we met--like how to brown, not burn, the meat and cook onions so that they aren't crunchy. He also seems to have realized that there are advantages to cooking the ingredients separately instead of throwing everything together in a pan and hoping for the best. Or maybe he just got tired of mush.

Some of the ingredients (the sour cream and Guinness were for him)

A perfectly decent, easy, gluten-free meal, compliments of my guest chef, Eric.
Ingredients: mild italian turkey sausage, minced garlic, black beans, a little bit of onion, and a dash of black pepper
Directions: Brown the sausage, then the onions. Add garlic and black beans and cook for about five more minutes. Season with pepper to taste.

Add a dollop of sour cream and drink with a Guinness.


  1. I'm impressed. Looks far better than the bowl of cereal I had for lunch. What's the dish's name?

  2. I asked Eric. He said, "Call it Black Bean & Sausage Surprise." I guess that works, since it was certainly a surprise. :-)