Friday, December 9, 2011

GF Banana Fritters

Once again, I bought too many bananas. We're leaving to visit my mom and step-dawg for ThanksHanuMas tomorrow and I couldn't leave them to rot. But I've made enough banana bread this year to last for the next two, and the thought of making another one, even to give to my mom, made me want to throw the bananas away "accidentally" just so I wouldn't have to bake them. 

Luckily for me, had more than enough options in their post "100 Things to Do With Bananas." Don't worry--all of the options involved cooking, so you don't have to block the site from your kids. When I saw the banana fritters, I had my solution to the curse of banana bread. Not only did I not have to make another baked good, I also had solved the problem of what to eat for brunch. 

I'd made them before with glutinous rice flour, but it made the mushy bananas even mushier and slightly elastic. This time I tried regular rice flour, which gave them a normal banana consistency. My advice: make the fritters as small as possible, especially if you're not using a deep fryer, which I don't have. Eat it as a snack or have it for breakfast smothered in maple syrup. Yum!

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