Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I survived Day 1.

I survived Day 1. It wasn't that bad, considering that I have a cold and feel like shit anyway. I felt hungry most of the day, but I think that was because of the cold, not the diet.

I came home and cooked Eric his meal, then made myself some soup. I am such a good little wife.

Day 2.
Eric posted on Facebook that I had given up coffee and someone said I wouldn't last a week. It's been a week and two days, and although I wouldn't say I feel great about it, I don't want to kill anyone (except maybe the guy who made that comment), so it's a step in the right direction.

Eating crappy food is so easy. It's everywhere, right at your fingertips. Making all your food and preparing all your snacks takes time and effort. Honestly, if I weren't cursed with stomach problems I would probably just eat like everyone else and drink as much coffee as I wanted.

So now I'm trying to make my stomach happy. I prepared breakfast and lunch last night so that I wouldn't  have to get up early in the morning to worry about it and risk breaking my diet. This morning the bag I brought to work was so heavy I felt like I was moving into the office. I brought my tea, a bottle of water, rice porridge for breakfast, soup for lunch and some chopped apples for a snack.

Since I'm so busy being healthy right now, I just took pictures of what I ate instead of typing out the recipes. They're fairly self-explanatory anyway.

Breakfast -
Rice porridge with figs and apricots

Lunch  -
Cauliflower Carrot Soup

Dinner -
Nori Rolls with brown rice and avocados (no vinegar or sugar)

Eric had his with tamari sauce.

I confess, I cheated just a little. I had a small amount of chocolate, but only because a nice person gave it to me as a gift for doing her a favor. Eating it was the polite thing to do. 

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  1. Three cheers for you! (I hope, hope, hope this makes your stomach happy.)