Thursday, November 11, 2010

GF-DF Pancake Madness

I was never that good at making pancakes, even ones with gluten. I tried a couple of times to make them from scratch, but it seemed like too much work when there was always Bisquick to rely on. I didn’t really bother to try to make pancakes without a mix even when I stopped eating gluten. After I found Bob’s Red Mill Pancake Mix, I didn’t need to look any further. My mom actually prefers these to regular pancakes, saying that they’re lighter and tastier.

Yesterday I decided to go dairy-free for 30 days. I’ve been sick for almost two weeks now, right after I made that luscious cream cheese pie (Don’t worry! No one else got sick. The pie is perfectly safe). I usually don’t eat a ton of dairy. I’ve been using soy milk in my coffee for several years. This was just a dairy overload and I’m pretty sure I’m paying the price for the indulgence.

So, I decided to make pancakes this morning. I substituted the eggs with egg replacer and the milk with soy/rice blend.  They didn’t puff up at all; they just sat there in the pan, flat and vaguely round. They weren’t bad, but they weren’t that good, either. This was Pancake #1.

And then the pancake madness set in. I consulted the blogworld.

If this were hash browns, it would look great.
Pancake #2. Superior Taste-Inferior Look.
This recipe called for two eggs. When I opened the fridge I found out that my husband had eaten the last two this morning before I had even gotten out of bed. Logically, I should have either given up or gone to the store and bought eggs, but the pancake madness had already begun and it was too late. I used egg replacers. Apparently this was a bad move. Crisp on the outside, runny on the inside and completely unflippable. On the up side, it tasted great. Eric and the dog agreed. I was so hungry that I nibbled on the crunchy bits.

Back to google. Ah, a GF-DF egg-free pancake. This one has to work.

Pancake #3. Superior Look-Infernally Bad Taste.
Gorgeous pancakes from an alien planet.

I had high hopes for this one. I even dusted and cleaned off the griddle that Eric’s mother had given him when he was in college that he never used in the hopes this would improve the flippability quotient. The pancakes looked gorgeous – light, fluffy, and golden brown. Perfect.

Then I tasted a bite and spat it out. It tasted like dust, with a slight aftertaste of something unpleasant. The dog wouldn’t even eat it. The cat, however, gobbled up the bite I gave him. My ever-astute husband, Eric, said it tasted like a pancake.

Nikos taste-tests the alien pancake. He approves.
No recipe posts for today. We'll save that for when I get it right.

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