Sunday, October 24, 2010

A new challenge: one of Eric's mother's recipes a week

When Eric and I moved in together, I cooked a lot of things that Eric didn't particularly like. I don't remember what they were, but they were probably healthy and involved things like lentils. After another dinner where he picked over the food on his plate and said he really wasn't that hungry anyway, I asked him what he liked. He said brisket. I had no idea what a brisket even was. So he called his mother and she sent some recipes over to rescue him from bad cooking. I wasn't brave enough to try the brisket, so I tried a shrimp dish with rice that he said he liked. It wasn't good enough. It didn't taste like his mother made it.

Then I discovered that gluten didn't like me and I put most of her recipes in a drawer. But I still had to learn how to make the standard Jewish holiday food, and since there were a lot of holidays and most of them seemed to involve lots of food, this was a huge cooking experiment for me. It was her recipes that guided me through the whole process.

It was only about four years ago that I learned to make the brisket right (meaning, of course, that it was as good as his mother's brisket). I wasn't used to cooking large hunks of beef. It was only two years ago that my latkes were good enough to invite guests over for a Hannukah party without Eric being embarrassed.

Eric's mother is coming for a visit, and she has agreed to bring more of her fabulous recipes that Eric likes. I am going to try to de-gluten at least one of these recipes a week until her recipes run out or Eric gets so fat that he makes me stop the project. Although her desserts are wonderful, I'm going to steer clear of most of these because I'm trying to avoid eating a lot of sugar. They are amazing, and although I'm sure my coworkers wouldn't mind helping me test these recipes, I don't think I could avoid eating  too many of them for my own good.

This weekend, we'll be celebrating our anniversary. It is also Eric's father's birthday. Eric has already put in his first request: his mother's Cheesecake Pie.

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  1. I went through the same with my husband.I didn't like cooking then, but he loved food.We ended up trying different recipes until he just finally asked his mother for her recipes too :) We both gained weight and that's when we tried healthier recipes instead :)