Monday, November 24, 2008

Chicken soup on a winter day

I was watching our neighbor's kids (all 8 of them) snowboard down the small slope in our yard yesterday when I got a hankering for chicken soup. We didn't have any cans of Campbell's anymore--I'd heard about their MSG content and given them up recently. But I did have some fixins. I cut up some carrots, onions, and celery and threw it in my favorite cast-iron pot, let them all cook up nicely, then added a handful of wild rice and poured some GF chicken broth over the whole thing. I was too lazy to cook the chicken first and then cut it up, so I took the frozen chicken breasts from the freezer and threw them right in to the boiling soup and covered the whole thing up. When I heard my husband's car pull in the driveway, I uncovered the pot and pulled out the two chicken breasts that were now nicely cooked and threw them on a cutting board to cool. I have little patience for this sort of thing, so I held the chicken down with a fork while I quickly tore off bits with my fingers (I find it tastes better than just cutting it with a knife). Voila! GF Chicken soup. My carb-free husband never even noticed the rice, and I didn't tell him.

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